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Creating a Productive Work-from-Home Environment

By SaleCore on 2/14/2022

虽然在家工作不是一个新概念,但它是许多美国人的新常态. 雇主们发现他们不再需要大型的办公大楼,而且让员工在家工作可以节省数千美元的日常开支. Similarly, employees have discovered that they are equally, if not more, 在家工作效率高,减少了通勤时间,节省了个人时间和金钱. It is, however, essential to create a productive work-from-home environment, one that will separate you from your home life, including caretaking or homeschooling duties. Not having these boundaries can make it difficult to stay focused on work.

Designate a Workspace

一个理想的长期家庭办公室应该是一个独立的空间在你的家里适当的装备你的日常工作. Since many people don’t have an office in their home, 将一个额外的空间,如备用卧室,弹性房间,阁楼或地下室转换成办公室. Even an enclosed porch or a large closet can work (need be), as long as it’s quiet enough to take calls, attend video meetings, and get work done without distraction. 你的卧室和家庭活动室是用来休息和放松的,应该保持这样的状态,以帮助你保持工作和生活的平衡. 无论你选择什么区域,只要确保它是一个专用的和功能性的工作空间.

Equip Yourself for Success

A man setting up a monitor at his home office desk

一旦您有了一个指定的工作空间,您必须有一个适当的设置,以执行您的最佳. Keeping your well-being in mind, you should have these essentials to set yourself up for daily success.

  • Suitable Desk: When it comes to home office desks, ideally you’ll want something that’s big enough to fit your computer, store basic office supplies, and allow you to spread out. 桌子有很多类型,从站立式桌子和写字台到l型桌子和小角桌. 无论你选择什么,确保它是一个合理的高度,满足你的需求和 your office chair.
  • Comfortable Chair: Comfort is key when investing in your office chair. 一定要选择合适高度的办公椅,并提供良好的背部和手臂支撑. Ideally, get one with adjustable height, that can roll, provides lumbar support for the lower back, and an arm rest is preferable.
A man smiling while on a conference call at his desk
  • Monitor: You likely already have a computer, such as a work-issued laptop, 但是,买一台规格要符合或超过你的电脑所能提供的显示器. For the best video quality, you want one that supports HDMI 2.x, DisplayPort or USB-C connectors. Line your monitor up so that when looking straight ahead, your eyes are at a height of 25% to 30% below the top of the screen. 这样,你的肩膀保持水平,不会弓起你的背部,这是两种容易造成伤害的方法.
  • Other Equipment: Be sure you have a functional keyboard and mouse or trackpad. 在可行的情况下,使用计算机的音频或扬声器参加在线电话会议. But when competing noises make it more difficult to work, 戴耳机对你和其他在家工作的人来说都是理想的选择, sleeping, etc. In addition, if you find that you need to print 对于你的职业来说,有一个无线多功能打印机是很方便的.
  • Good Internet Service: It is absolutely crucial to have good (or great) internet service. 目标是至少50Mbps的网速,如果有很多人在使用网速,速度会更高 the same time. The bandwidth within your home matters as well. The best connections are wired Ethernet ones, so if possible, connect your computer to your router via an Ethernet cable; that’s especially important if you do video or other bandwidth-intensive work. Otherwise, Wi-Fi is fine for basic office work.

Set the Tone

Without setting the right tone in your workspace, it’ll be nearly impossible to be productive or focus on your daily tasks. There are many small and inexpensive things you can do to ensure that you have the most optimal work-from-home environment.

  • Declutter & Organize: 保持工作空间整洁有序绝对是保持高效的关键. Eliminate what you don’t need, and organize what you do, making sure you have all your workday essentials close at hand. Use a desk organizer or drawers to keep all supplies in one place. Separate important documents or files to a secure cabinet or drawer with a filing system. If video calls are part of your day-to-day, think about what your clients or colleagues are seeing behind you.
  • Inspire Yourself: 展示你的个性或能激励你的东西,保持积极向上的注意力. Incorporate some pops of color, add some wall art behind your desk, put images of your beloved people and pets on your desk. Include a candle or aromatherapy diffuser, and make a playlist of your favorite tunes to play softly in the background. It’s okay for your home office to feel more like home, 给自己一些安慰,让自己感到平静和鼓舞.
  • Brighten It Up: 当你工作时,适当的光线是防止你的眼睛疲劳或紧张的必要条件. If possible, set up near a window giving you access to natural light. 这既能提供良好的办公室照明,也能改善你工作时的注意力和整体情绪. 如果你没有这个选择,顶灯是好的,但添加一个台灯或地板 办公桌附近的灯,要注意相互竞争的光源和可能的眩光.
  • Incorporate Plants: Having office plants can be beneficial to your overall wellness. 它们不仅能给你的皮肤增添亮丽的色彩,还能去除你体内的毒素 workspace. In addition, 研究表明,植物有减轻压力和恢复注意力的能力. Flowers and bamboo can help bring a peaceful feeling to your workspace. If you prefer a low-maintenance option, succulents are a good alternative.

Stay Focused

在家工作的一个缺点是会让人分心(孩子、洗衣服、看电视等).). 对自己负责的关键是有意地对待你的办公室 time. 使用在线日历、每日计划或白板来安排从会议到空闲时间的所有事情. This makes it much easier to stay on top of deadlines, meetings, and tasks. Put together a 每天或每周要做的事情的清单,这样你就可以保持专注和高效.

概念照片的笔记本与Stay Focused写在前面的桌子上的时钟和眼镜

Take Care of Yourself: Mind & Body

Where some people love being able to work from home in their pajama pants, others miss the routine and seeing their colleagues in-person. Whether you love it or hate it, the 缺乏结构的远程工作提供了压力,很容易忘记你身体的基本需求. 因此,为你的思想、身体和灵魂减压是至关重要的 during your home workdays.

  • Be Playful: 一个有趣的工作空间可以为你的一天创造更多的减压机会. 身边有没有指尖陀螺、魔方或压力球让你的手忙个不停 your mind is working through ideas. 把你的椅子换成健身球也能带来一种玩耍和锻炼的感觉.
  • Move Your Body: Pay attention to your movement throughout your day; try to schedule some time for yoga or a walk through the neighborhood. Not only will this get your blood pumping, 但它会帮助你理清思路,为剩下的一天做好准备. When that’s not possible, 这很简单,只要设置一个计时器,每隔几个小时提醒你起来伸展一下身体.
  • Get Some Sunshine: Research shows that people who have more exposure to sunshine sleep better, are less stressed, and are more active during the day. Light regulates key hormones and neuro-transmitters, affecting everything from our immune system, moods, level of alertness, and stress. 在院子里吃午饭,散散步,或者打开窗户让阳光进来 fresh air.
  • Feed Your Soul: 确保你有规律地吃午餐或零食,以获得身体保持强壮所需的营养. Prepare some healthy snacks (such as, fruits, veggies, 奶酪、泡菜、橄榄或坚果),这会让你感到精力充沛、更有动力. 这将帮助你避免吃那些让你感觉懒散的加工食品. In addition, keep some of your 最喜欢的咖啡,茶或其他饮料在你的一天中享受作为一个提神.

Establish Work-Life Boundaries

A ven diagram of body, spirit and soul leading to balance in life

由于缺乏结构,当远程工作时,工作和家庭生活很容易重叠. Avoid this as much as possible by setting firm boundaries to keep these areas of your life separate. Determine your office hours, 坚持一套固定的日程来保持一致性,帮助你一整天都保持高效.

Once you have established a quiet area with the right equipment, the right tone, a focus on your mind and body, and an emphasis on work-life boundaries, you will be all set for long-term and productive work-from-home success!

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