When selling your home, a very important part of the process includes a home appraisal. The ultimate goal of the appraisal is to place your home on the market based on a fair and comparable set of standards, but also to have it appraise at the highest dollar amount possible. There are a number of factors that will affect the end-value of your appraisal. 作为一个房主, 你无法控制像房地产市场这样的因素, 本地区可比bwin官方网站额, 还有你家的年龄和位置. 许多因素, 然而, are within your control and understanding these will help get you the most value, 同时,要避免房价过高或过低. 除了大翻修, 家里添加, 以及其他昂贵的改进, 还有许多其他的方法可以提高你的评估.


1. 从基础开始

A property that's been neglected and poorly maintained is always going to be worth less than a property that's been well-loved and cared for. 维护不会促进 您的财产价值, 但忽视可能会降低其价值, making it difficult to sell for the price you are seeking. Re-painting walls, patching up blemishes, damaged trim, wall dings and scratches, and worn or damaged flooring will make the home appear meticulously cared for. Ensure that plumbing and lighting systems are working properly, 你所有的网点都在工作, 烧坏的灯泡被更换, and other issues like broken door handles or loose cabinet faces are taken care of.

你的安全设备工作正常吗, 包括烟雾报警器, 一氧化碳报警器, 家庭安全警报? 家庭系统也是如此. 多大岁数了 你的热水器? 你的炉? 你的空调上次调试是什么时候? Any outdated systems will lower the appraisal value 你的房子. Although these items can be costly to update, they often have 良好的投资回报率(ROI).

Curbside view of beautifully landscaped front yard of home

2. 提高你的外观吸引力

This is your only chance to make a good first impression, and curb appeal is one of the biggest factors to consider. 有一个诱人的路边吸引力是指你的院子 and surrounding areas, as well as the exterior 你的房子. Go with an easy-to-maintain and clean landscape design that will appeal to most buyers. 修剪草坪,拔除杂草,修剪灌木丛 trees, add flowers for a pop of color, and add/upgrade outdoor lighting to illuminate your pathways. Stage the front porch/entryway with a couple of casual chairs and colorful throw pillows. In addition, having a spacious outdoor living area can also improve the value of your appraisal. Patios and decks create nice gathering spaces for relaxing and entertaining. 通过以下方式展示这些领域 keeping them well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

Unusual colors on the exterior 你的房子 could decrease your value. Stay neutral in your color scheme, and if needed, apply a fresh coat of paint and replace/repaint 你的前门和百叶窗. 损坏或过时时, 更换屋顶或壁板, 更新车库门, installing high-quality windows or solar panels tend to increase value. 畅饮软管, 室外垃圾桶,和其他可能碍眼的东西.


3. 舞台上你的家

It is your goal to showcase your home’s best attributes, including square footage and storage space. Be sure to store any items that can be distracting by decluttering 每个房间和壁橱. 这会让你的家感觉更宽敞. 不要把你的东西藏在衣柜里, as your appraiser is looking for ample storage space and will check these areas. 如有必要,将不需要的物品放入存储单元. Well-placed accessories and carefully chosen furniture that work with the style of the home create a positive impression. 确保 appraiser has access to any usable square footage like the attic, basement, or storage areas. Deep clean your home or hire a professional company to do this for you. 而你的清洁 属性不会确定其值, a spotless home allows for a thorough inspection and will resonate well with your appraiser.

Happy couple taking a break while admiring their home improvements

4. 做出有回报的改进

当决定要做哪些家居改进时, it’s important to weigh what you are spending versus the value you’ll receive in return. 在哪里翻新浴室和 厨房提供的回报最高, there are many much smaller-scale projects you can do to add value. Some of the lowest-cost home improvements yield the highest ROI, and can elevate the perception 你的房子.

  • Painting is one of the easiest and least expensive improvements you can make. Neutral and light color schemes will brighten any room, 让它们看起来更大, 并吸引了大多数购房者.
  • Replacing outdated, dirty or dark blinds and drapes will refresh and brighten your rooms.
  • Adding mirrors create depth and interest to any living space, 并帮助引导阳光进入你的整个家.
  • Updating light fixtures make a home look more spacious and desirable. Hang eye-catching light fixtures in one or two locations, 例如, 门厅门厅或入口, 提高感知 value 你的房子 and creating a great first impression.
  • Upgrading kitchen or bath faucets with more trendy and stylish options.
  • Upgrading kitchen or bath cabinets by applying a few coats of fresh white cabinet paint, 或者更换铰链和把手.
  • Swapping out old appliances for energy-efficient appliances; or white/black appliances with stainless steel.
  • Replacing your aging countertop with granite, if necessary, could also add value.
bwin官方网owner reviewing stack of neatly organized paper records

5. 保持组织的记录

Document your home 改进项目 by saving all receipts, 记录每次改进的日期和成本, 拍摄前后的照片. 通过保持组织, you can easily prove to an appraiser what you’ve done to improve and upgrade your home, 以及你花了多少钱. Also be sure to include documentation for any permits that were pulled as part of home 改进项目.

There’s no doubt that you can positively influence and even increase the home value for appraisal quite easily and with very little time or expense. 当评估 comes in at or above your asking price, you’ll be glad you spent the effort.

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